• This is a great restaurant! I go there quite frequently for lunch and have taken my family there for dinner. In fact I go so much that they know me now! The BBQ is a bit pricey but awesome!

    This is great restaurant – Jerry Case
  • "This place was absolutely fantastic. It's a low-key restaurant where all the effort goes to the food. The quality rivals what you would get in Koreatown, Los Angeles, but with reasonable Indianapolis prices. A Korean BBQ dinner for two cost $50 after a hefty tip, and we are definitely coming back again. 

    Just one note on the meat: every other Korean restaurant I've been to had the server put the meat on the grill for us. They did not do it for us, but I'm choosing to take it as "we prepared our meats so well, that even you can't screw it up". Must visit!"

    This place was absolutely fantastic – Justin Chow